Bad Vampyre Relationship Stories!

Sick of everyone using Facebook and Twitter as a forum for bragging about their amaazing boyfriend – fiance – husband – S.O? Does all this relationship bliss make you want to gag?

Look no further… this is for you! We got our readers to take to social media and share the #RelationshipFail they’ll never forget.

“Asked how old he was – i.e. when was he ‘made.’ He said ‘Thursday!’ EJECT!”  –@CryptLvr

“Met Travolta/SNF type at H’ween party. Turns out he was made in ’77. That’s how he looks all the time now. FAIL!” –@Drucilla

“I said ‘I love you’ first and he goes, ‘I know’. WTF is that?” –@gothgrrl92

“Took him out his first time for sushi. Waitress brings chopsticks. He screams & runs away. Check, please!” –@atsuko666

“Applying make-up in front of mirror. Comes up behind me & touches shoulder. Lipstick across cheek to my ear! SO not funny!” –@HunterGreen

“I had Caesar salad before our 1st kiss – and he throws up in my car!!” –@Jasime

“Walked me to my door. Daddy saw red eyes glowing in dark. Thought bf was coyote & shot him. Awkward!” –@PatsyKake

“Found out new bf slept in coffin… with his mom. Wrong on so many levels!” –@VampB8

“Cute young guy takes me for midnight stroll… and bites my pet dog! Eeww!” –@CougrLdy

“Two words: Orthodontic retainer. Yeuch!” –KylaMarie

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I will be out of town from Wed. Nov. 16 until Mon. Nov. 21. See you when I return!


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