Holy Sneezin’ Orgasms, Batman!

My dear friend, SG, passed this snopes.com science article along to me…

It’s the Time for the Sneezin’ of Love.

At first blush, I presumed it was a humourous piece playing on the title of the old sixties hit by the British band, The Zombies.

(The Zombies – part of the musical British Invasion of the Sixties)

And to a certain extent it is.

What I was not expecting, however, was the first lines…

Claim: Sneezing seven times in a row is the same as an orgasm!
Status: False

Personally, I would have thought the status would be, “I wish!”

Another dear friend, LF, added that if this were the case, she’d be “huffing pollen from a brown paper bag.”

I love my friends!

(A very non-photogenic sneeze. Yikes!)

The article goes on to list several other widely believed things about sneezing. For example…

  • You can’t keep your eyes open if you sneeze. (Actually, some people can)
  • If you did manage to sneeze with your eyes open, your eyes would pop out of your head. (Luckily, this is false as well)
  • When you sneeze, your heart stops. (Again, this is false, thank goodness)

Something I am particularly subject to is ‘photogenic sneezing.’ And no, this does not mean that I am really, really, really ridiculously good-looking while sneezing. It means a sneeze that is set off by exposure to bright light. For me, sunny winter days do it to me all the time. You get the light directly from the sun as well reflected off the snow. Bad news. And not in the least orgasmic, I can assure you.

(Oooo, baby!)

Anyway, back to orgasms…

The article puts it best when it states, “The belief that a magic number of sneezes will produce an instant of sexual satisfaction is false. (Had it been true, those afflicted by allergies would be the happiest people on earth, and they’re not.) While sneezing and orgasm are regarded as somewhat akin in that both produce powerful bodily convulsions, one doesn’t feel like the other.”

(Does this put you in the mood?)

Despite science pooh-poohing a perfectly good myth, I myself will regard sneezers in a whole different light this winter and may replace my usual “Bless you!” or “Gezinterheit” with… “Was it good for you?”



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