Functionate: Where Form Meets Function

The other day, a dear friend of mine coined what was, to me, a new word…


Functionate: (adj) A perfect blend of fashionable and functional, pragmatic and aesthetic.

The word is a mix of Functional and Fashionate (being passionate about fashion).

You see ‘Functionate’ as a key element in the world of industrial design.

(Shower Column -Ametis – by Graff)

The late, great Steve Jobs was a master of making utilitarian objects aesthetically pleasing.

(“Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works”)

The manufacturers of kitchen appliances often have a keen eye for making their products stylishly attractive…

(Israeli industrial design company I2D’s toaster)

…in other words, “Functionate!”

No matter how practical, functional, utilitarian or mundane, a product can also have style and flair.

(This is a range hood. It sucks up the smoke from a stove top)

(This stove range is made by the same company – Teka)

Think of just about any common household object. For example, there is not a lot more ordinary and functional than a bowl… and yet, there are seemingly endless variations on this one common primitive theme.

(Elegant fruit bowl design)

Go to Google Images and type in ‘bowl design’ and prepare to be amazed at what comes up.

Lately, if I am going to buy something… anything… I try hard to choose ‘Functionate’ items. From cutlery to stationery supplies to tools and appliances… as much as I can, I choose things that are pleasing to the eye.

Nothing is so humdrum that it cannot be elevated by the imagination of an artist and the skill of an artisan.

Functionate products make your living space… your world… a better place.


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