BloodRayne: Nazi-Killing Vampyre Chicks!

Just when you thought Nazi Zombies were the coolest thing to hit the movie screen, along comes…

Nazi-Killing Vampyre Chicks!

(She is her own Blitzkrieg)

You gotta love it.

If Lt. Aldo Raine was looking for a female recruit for his Inglourious Basterds, she’d be the one. Raine & Rayne. The Reich’s biggest nightmare!

I was making my way stealthily through The Zombie Serengeti (aka The Walmarts)… trying not to alert the shambling horde of living dead to my presence… when I spied a copy of BloodRayne: The Third Reich.

(Natassia Malthe as Rayne the Dhamphyr [1] – half human, half vampyre, all kick-ass Nazi killer)

I mean, seriously… how can you NOT buy a DVD about a Nazi-Killing Vampyre Chick?? (Yeah, yeah… I know… she’s not a vampyre, she’s a dhamphyr. Excuse me for having a good time with this idea!)

So, I tossed der DVD into der Komputer, sitzed myself down in der vingback armchair mit a nice platt of (kosher) bratwurst und sauerkraut mit ein bisschen Mostrich, ein kold Beer und vas ready for eine good time, ya?

In Rayne’s own words, “Born of violence, I’ve never known freedom from the darkness that infects the weak. Part vampyre, part human – a dhamphyr. My natural magical abilities allow me to withstand the elements that eradicate vampyrekind. I’ve walk the shadows of our world, mercilessly destroying the destroyers… as has been my calling, as has been my destiny. Will I never be free?”

(Rayne in a rare moment of repose)

OK, here’s the deal… Rayne hides in the shadows, slaughtering vampyres and those that get in her way. In 1943 Europe, during World War II, half-human/half-vampire hybrid Rayne (Natassia Malthe) faces her greatest foe, Nazi Commandant Ekart Brand (Michael Paré) who creates an army of Nazi vampires in a plot to turn Hitler immortal. Rayne assembles a fierce band of resistance fighters to prevent them from reaching Berlin and accomplishing their diabolical mission. In other words…

Nazi Vampyres!! 

(Oh, alright… Nazi dhamphyrs! It just doesn’t have the same ring, though, does it?)

Mayhem ensues when it becomes clear that Comdt. Brand intends to inject Hitler with Rayne’s blood in an attempt to transform the Führer into a dhamphyr so he could live forever! Muah hah hah hah!

My 2 cents… I found it impossible not to like BloodRayne: The Third Reich. Sexy Nazi-killing vampyre chick. Evil vampyre Nazis.  What’s there not to like? This movie had a direct line to my pleasure buttons. Sure it was stupid… but that’s its very appeal and charm! One or two parts of the movie dragged a bit. The acting was definitely more than merely OK. And I admit I experienced a sick thrill watching Rayne effortlessly hack her way through a heck of a lot of SS soldiers and officers.

(Rayne and Resistance Fighter)

Bottom line… If you’re going to be serious and criticize this movie as anything other than what it is… a rollicking good time… don’t bother. You have to go into it with the proper mind set, otherwise, it is a waste of an evening. But if you can get in the mood for some seriously fun times, you will enjoy the vampyre/nazi mix of genres.

Two hot blood-stained dhamphyr thumbs up!


[1] Dhamphyr (also spelled Dhamphir, dhampyr, dhampir, dhampire, dhampyr, dampyr, dampyre, damphyr, etc.) in Balkan folklore and in vampire fiction is the child of a vampyre father and a human mother, with vampyre powers but none of the weaknesses. A dhamphyr is believed to have the unique ability to see vampyres even when they are invisible, and is unusually adept at killing them.


4 comments on “BloodRayne: Nazi-Killing Vampyre Chicks!

  1. emreck says:

    emreck reblogged this on emreck.

  2. They say truth is stranger than fiction. Well, you can say that again!

    Here we see the Bush family nazi/ occult connections, including how the Bush family helped to fund Hitler to power.

    We know many world leaders (including presidents or soon-to-be presidents, media moguls, business tycoons etc) like to attend child sacrifice rituals such as Bohemian Grove.

    So what about vampirism? Well we all see the ECONOMIC vampirism going on right now, right? We think of the so called ‘elite’ as predators, but really they are parasites (vampires). And all evidence points to the fact that their vampirism extends to energetic vampirism as well (sexual energy). There is a theory that the child rape / SRA which is so prevalent in the elite establishment (the church, top level politics, secret societies etc) is a form of energetic parasitism from the base chakra (hence the preference for anal sex – even with girls).

    Of course movies are just make-believe and shouldn’t be taken seriously ….. but what if an endless stream of silly movies about theses subjects means that we become incapable of taking these serious subjects seriously?

    “Don’t be crazy – that kind of stuff only happens in movies you idiot!”

    “You’ve been watching too many movies mate – this is the real world!”

    Think about Lady GaGa and her ‘trendy’ body modifications and videos about torture and mind control (electro shock, sensory deprivation tanks etc) … all very cool, all very sexy!

    This is the reality (not so cool, not so sexy)

    The irony is that it is because our culture is (on the surface) so saccharine and shallow and free from proper information about genuine ‘darkness’ and ‘occultism’ that all this is able to go on unnoticed by most of the consumer drones (ie the general public).

    So I’m NOT saying culture needs to have less horror movies in it, or be more ‘wholesome’ and more censored. What we actually need in culture is more realism, more depth and more AUTHENTICITY in these genres. Movies and music etc (stories and art) are an extremely valid way of handling these subjects and comprehending them – perhaps the best way really.

    But the power of movies, music and stories can equally be used against us to make us ignorant, subvert the truth and dumb us down.

    More info…..

    A fascinating documentary on Hollywood’s methods of ‘predictive programming’ and ‘desensitization’ can be found HERE

    THIS lecture also goes into the whole subject of light vs dark, occult vs consumerism, ancient vs modern symbolism etc. Mind blowing stuff if you have the tie to watch it.

    See also THIS hugely popular site on symbolism in popular culture.

  3. vampyrefangs says:

    Curiouser and curiouser. Sadly, fact IS stranger than fiction!

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