The Zombie-Proof House

Saw this a while ago and I just had to show you guys.

(A man’s compound is his castle)

KWK Promes‘s  Safe House. [1] Or as I like to call it, the Zombie-Proof House.

(But… What if they attack from the backyard?)

Designed by KWK Prome’s founder and chief architect, Robert Konieczny, this little dream home is located on the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland.

(It’s bunkerrific!)

These aren’t the architect’s renderings of how such a place might look…

(Your place is cubular, Dude!)

This is an actual house that was actually built for an actual private client. And it’s not just some windowless concrete bunker.

(It opens up!)

Entire sections along the sides slide back. Perfect for those ‘not-quite as apocalyptic as usual’ times.

(I love the little drawbridge!)

And lest you think the blocky-grey look too depressing, when it’s open, the joint is quite attractive!

(Hardly seems like the world’s ended at all, does it?)

You can live in style and comfort while waiting for (or waiting out) The Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse!

(A dip in the pool is just the thing after a hard day of zombie avoiding)

If the university students in Dead Snow (Død snø) had a place like this, those pesky Nazi zombies wouldn’t have had a chance.

(Führerious Nazi zombie thwarted by KWK Prome’s Safe House)

I mean, think about it. The whole movie would have been a total non-starter!

(You can see the living dead approach a mile way from the comfort of the  patio)

One of the cool things about the Safe House is that you can seal off the bottom windows and doors from the ravenous zombie hordes and still enjoy the fresh air and sunshine from the upper level.

(Safety tip: Don’t leave the ammunition baskets outside unattended)

Or leave everything open… and hope you can factor in the time it takes to close all of those steel and concrete walls, doors and windows.

(Fluffy? Fluffy… ? Honey? Did you leave the back door open again?)

Open when you want it. Closed when you need it.

(Not to worry, sweetie. Fluffy’s out on the drawbridge again!)

This is an ideal fortified home. As long as it doesn’t turn into a fortified tomb.

(Hope you’re not swarmed by non-Romero ‘fast’ zombies!)

Mind you, you could rig the enormous backyard with landmines, trip-wires and IEDs… but then you might want to keep Fluffy or Spot… or little Billy, for that matter, on a short leash.

(Home sweet… oh, crap! Some of them got in! Aaiieee!!)

While the rest of us survivors are eating dead dogs and fighting for the bones, it’s nice to know that somewhere life is the way it never quite was before the zombie virus hit the fan.


Well done, KWK Prome! All in all, this was a superb idea masterfully executed. This smarty-pants salutes you!

(Get a kit. Make a plan. Be prepared!)

I give this place and KWK Promes two throbbing blackened hammered thumbs way up!


[1] Credits for the Safe House:

Architect: Robert Konieczny
Collaborators: Lukasz Zadryński, Marcin Jojko
Interior Design: Magdalena Radalowicz-Zadryńska
Structural Engineering: Grzegorz Komraus, Alexandra Pałach
Photographer: Aleksander Rutkowski

All images of the Safe House are property of KWK Promes, Katowice, Poland.


4 comments on “The Zombie-Proof House

  1. wordsfallfrommyeyes says:

    Wow – that is the weirdest thing. The house is lovely with all the shades up. I wonder how long it takes to put them all up.

    • vampyrefangs says:

      I went to the KWK Prome and other sites to see if they gave any details of how long it takes to go from fully open to fully secure. So far, no info. But I am sure that would be a handy bit of information to have! 🙂

  2. Some guy phoned up my local council and asked them if they had a plan in place for a zombie appocalypse. I’m wondering now if that’s his house.

    • vampyrefangs says:

      Actually, I remember something in the news a while back about a town council in Britain being asked if they had a plan in place for The Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. They admitted they had none! Was it Leicester?

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