The Zombie Lexicon: A Living Dead Language Guide

The following are a few excerpts from my work-in-progress, The Zombie Lexicon: A Living Dead Language Guide.[1]

Apocalypso: (combination of Apocalypse and Calypso) A style of Afro-Caribbean zombie music that originated in Trinidad and Tobago from African and Asian zombie roots.

Floombie: (combination of Floozie and Zombie) Extremely dangerous strain of mutant female zombies who emit erotic moans and groans, attracting human males and spreading the infection through sexual intercourse. [2]

Misozombia: An intense dislike, hatred, disgust or aversion  regarding zombies.

Mombie (also ‘Mumbie): What your mother becomes when she joins the living dead. [3]

Zambi: An American animated film by Walt Disney about a young fawn born and raised in the forest. Its mother is shot by hunters and eventually the young deer grows up… and becomes a zombie.

Z-Party Movement, The (aka The Zee Party): A political movement in support of civil rights for zombies.

Zom Beam: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, with a twist of zombie.

Zom-B-Gone: A general catch-all phrase descriptive of any effective anti-zombie weapon or tactic.

Zomb Pérignon: A brand of vintage champagne, named after Dom Pérignon (1638–1715), a Benedictine monk, an important pioneer in the quality development of Champagne wine… and a zombie.

Zomba: A dance with movements resembling those of zombies.

Zombaione: An Italian light custard dessert made from egg yolks, sugar, sweet wine and frozen puréed brains.

Zombardier: (pronounced zom-BAR-dee-ay) A Canadian Ski-Doo snowmobile specifically modified for hunting zombies in winter.

Zombass: (combination of Zombie and Dumbass) Someone so stunned and stupid, he or she might as well be a zombie.

Zombeagle: Even Snoopy is not safe from the Zombie Apocalypse!

Zombese: 1. The purported ‘language’ of the zombies.  2. A series of eerie moans, groans and other zombie sounds which is claimed by some to be capable of being understood and interpreted.

Zombia: A proposed country to be established as a zombie homeland. (also Zombistan)

Zombiphobia: An abnormally intense or pathological fear of zombies.

Zombie-Nimble: Children’s nursery rhyme game where they recite “Zombie-Nimble, Zombie-Quick. Zombie… Aaiieee! Zombies!!” then run around screaming ‘Zombies!’ as loudly as they can, waving their arms in the air.

Zombilicious: Anything or anyone that is extremely tasty or attractive to a zombie.

Zombistan: (see Zombia)

Zombocrat: A derogatory term for anyone who supports or advocates on behalf of Zombie Rights (See Z-Party)

Zomboni: Large resurfacer machine, originally used to clean and smooth ice rinks, outfitted for hunting, chasing and running down zombies over frozen rivers and lakes.

Zomboozle: To confuse, confound or bewilder a zombie long enough to kill it or effect an escape.

Zombrero: A wide-brimmed hat originally from Mexico and favoured by Chicano zombies.

Zombro: A male African-American zombie.

Zumbie: Even Gumby isn’t safe from the Zombie Apocalypse.

Zumbo:  An American animated film by Walt Disney about a young elephant with large ears, born and raised in the circus. Its mother is locked up and deemed mad. Eventually, the young elephant learns to use its ears to fly… and becomes a zombie.

Zumbo wrestling: A highly illegal Japanese competitive full-contact sport where one wrestler attempts to force another wrestler out of a circular ring… and into a pit of zombies.


[1] Please feel free to submit your own entries and I will include them! All images here are not mine and I do not claim ownership of any of them. Copyright remains with the creators and/or owners thereof.

[2] See Whoremaggedon: Rise of the Floomies!

[3] “It’s our inability to guiltlessly murder loved ones that will bring about our ultimate downfall.”  (, After Hours)


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  1. bunnynoah says:

    I await the full tome with baited breath! 😉

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