Psychic-Supernatural Dead Receptor

You know that “sixth sense” thing where you can somehow just “feel” the presence of someone… something… supernatural? From “I feel someone watching me” to seeing ghosts and spirits? Have you ever experienced real magic (or magick, as some prefer)? Telekinesis or telepathy? You know that feeling you get when you somehow walk into a spiritual “cold spot”? Do you feel sometimes that you’re psychic or somehow tuned in to some preternatural energy field?

Whatever that is… I ain’t got it. When it comes to all of that supernatural occult stuff, I am a total dead receptor.

I kid you not. I could be in the world’s most haunted house filled with ghosts, poltergeists, phantasms, wraiths… you name it… and to me, it would just be a spooky old house. Creepy and all… but… nothing else. No reception.

Whatever that ability some have to sense the spirit world or anything other-worldly… I ain’t got it.

The line’s dead, folks.

I’ve had very dear and well-meaning friends of mine try to “exercise my aura” and help me get in touch with my inner spirit… open myself to the supernatural magical forces and energies out there. Nothing. If I had a buck for every time some dear precious friend of mine tried to get me to sense my chakras or imagine my third eye or whatever it is they’re talking about… I could dine out for a week!

And don’t even get me started about listening to completely sincere but utterly clued-out gentile girls trying to tell me about kabbalah. I’m sorry, but I’m having a bit of a problem believing that the world’s ‘foremost authority on kabbalah’ is some guy in his forties who drives around in a Jaguar and tries to sell you box sets of the Zohar at obscene prices. If there is a world’s ‘foremost authority on kabbalah’, he is most likely some 90-year-old hasidic guy in Mea Shearim that no one’s heard about… who can levitate. And hasn’t told anyone because of his genuine piety, modesty and humility.

Anyway, I prefer it this way. I have enough problems just dealing with the real physical world, let alone the metaphysical world. When it comes to the supernatural world… I prefer that in movies, television and books, thanks.

This number is out-of-order and it ain’t about to get “in order” anytime soon!


4 comments on “Psychic-Supernatural Dead Receptor

  1. bunnynoah says:

    Having grown up with all ‘those feelings’ and surrounded by people who are the same, or stronger, I find it weird that someone wouldn’t have Any of them. But, at least, through books, movies, etc., you have an understanding of what we are talking about. You may not ‘feel’ it, but, thankfully, you do not dismiss it all out-of-hand.

  2. vampyrefangs says:

    bunnynoah: You’re right. I don’t dismiss it all out-of-hand. I have no problem acknowledging that all that stuff may be out there. I’m just unable to receive anything. For instance, I am surrounded by radio signals, TV signals, cell phone signals, satellite signals and all kinds of energy forces. I may know all that’s true… but I still can’t see them, hear them or feel them. I am missing that ‘receptor’.. that internal radio, TV, cellphone, etc. that allows me to access those signals.

  3. bunnynoah says:

    Sometimes, the silence must be wonderful! 🙂

  4. vampyrefangs says:

    Yes… like Sookie Stackhouse in a room full of vampyres. Sweet silence! 🙂

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