Vampyre Therapy

Saw this the other day…

The idea of vampyres in therapy immediately tickled me.

How would Freud or Jung have dealt with Count Dracula? And vice versa. The mind boggles!

While the majority of vampyres seem perfectly at peace with their lot in life/death, there may be one or two who could use some attitude adjustment. The vampyre Godric in True Blood, for example.

Yes, he is over 2,000 years old and still in the body and form of a teenager. But still… the kid needs some help, people.

To my mind, the perfect candidate for the shrink’s couch is Louis de Point du Lac, a character in Anne Rice’s ‘Vampire Chronicles’, portrayed by Brad Pitt in the movie adaptation, Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles.

This guy raises ‘tortured’ and ‘guilt-ridden’ to an art form. A bit of intensive therapy to get ol’ Louis in touch with his ‘inner vampyre’ and he’d be right as rain. And not nearly as annoying.

I was involved with a therapist for several years. (And, no… not as the patient!!) I picked up a few insights along the way.

“So, Louis… tell me about your childhood. And who’s that fascinating and not nearly as depressing friend of yours, hmmm? Oh, and what’s with the twelve-year old girl?? Is there something I should know about here??”

OK, so I’d make a rotten therapist. Sue me.


One comment on “Vampyre Therapy

  1. bunnynoah says:

    I loved Godric, but I can understand that after 2000 years of power, ruling, having to accept the knees-bent grovelling from your subjects and settling petty fights, could get a little boring. That he chose the time and method of his own demise is something many people wish they could do.

    I’ve never seen nor read Anne Rice’s vampire chronicles. My loss possibly, but I understand from others that Louis was a bit of a whiner. Whining is one of the worst annoyances of raising children…. hopefully they grow out of it with proper parental care.

    I think you have the therapist ‘patter’ down quite well actually. Glad to know those years weren’t entirely wasted. 😉

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