Fang Fodder

The other day, I was pondering a profound question… Would any self-respecting vampyre ever really want to clamp the old chompers down on a goth girl? Are the Girls in Black the real Fang Fodder?

Now before the dark community stakes me, hear me out.

What do vampyres secretly crave? Sunlight!

In their darkest heart of hearts, what they really want to do is stand in the sunlight, bask in the old rays just like “normal people.” If their hidden and perhaps even subconscious desire is light… would they really go after pale-skinned wannabee imitations of themselves? I would argue that they do not.

I would say that what a vampyre would really find irresistible is someone who embodies that cloaked craving for sunlight. A corn-fed farm girl, for example, with blonde pigtails who is all fresh air, great outdoors and long summer days would be, to the undead, like tasting sunlight trapped in a vein. It might very well be the closest he will ever come to the real deal.

Big blue eyes, freckles and overalls, just bustin’ out in healthy all-natural goodness. Mmmm..mmm! And no bursting into flames! Win – win!

Wouldn’t the undead prefer a long warm sip of that rather than some black-mascaraed powder-faced tattoo junkie (not that there’s anything wrong with that)?

So, ladies… if you’re really hell-bent on being Fang Fodder… you may want to start by re-thinking the fashion choices.



3 comments on “Fang Fodder

  1. bunnynoah says:

    In the series “True Blood” this is the exact reason that all the vampires are so drawn to ‘Sookie’. She IS a ray of sunshine in more ways than one. 🙂

  2. vampyrefangs says:

    bunnynoah: Sookie is such a fairy! LOL To me, all the yummy characters in True Blood are already vampyres. Although Hoyt IS cute. And Arlene & Terry are just adorable together in a kind of dizzy/PTSD kind of way! OK, Lafayette is pretty good too but in a ‘gay friend’ kinda way. I can’t see me biting him. Don’t know where he’s been. Same goes for Jason. Can’t see nibbling on Andy Bellefleur, either. It’d be like biting your dad. Eewww. And you couldn’t pay me enough to sink the fangs into Tara. Too annoying. Although that voice and those screams are enough to make me want to rip her throat out. *sweet smile*

    Where was I? Oh yeah… Sookie is SUCH a fairy! 😉

  3. Joyce says:

    LOL!! Have to agree with you on all the above characters from True Blood. Can’t wait to get into Season 4!
    As for biting anyone, yeah, Hoyt IS cute. I’d let Eric bite me, but only if I could bite him back! He’s yummy!! 😉

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